What is the 2nd Act Film Festival? 

The 2nd Act Film Festival is a unique take on the film project. Presented by The Jasper Project, its mission is to encourage and promote the growth of independent filmmaking in South Carolina.

The 2nd Act Film Festival is a curated film project. Filmmakers submit their names and work to be considered for participation in the festival. A group of South Carolina media and arts professionals will select the final group of filmmakers to participate. This year 10 filmmaking teams from around South Carolina will be selected to participate.

The level of filmmaking experience can range from beginner to professional.As a festival we are looking to gather a highly creative and diverse group of voices that represent independent filmmaking in the state.

We give filmmakers the 1st Act and the 3rd Act (one page each) of a script. The filmmaker's job is to write the 2nd Act and make the film. There is no restriction on genre or subject matter, however, all scripts will be reviewed by the 2nd Act Film Festival review team. All films will then screen the night of the festival in Columbia, SC.

The $250 2nd Act Film Festival Audience Award is given to the film that the audience recognizes as the most outstanding film of those created for the festival.

The $250 2nd Act Film Festival Filmmakers Trophy is given to the film that current and previous 2nd Act filmmakers deem the best film of the evening.


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